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Two boats A and B are moving along perpendicular paths in a still lake at night. Boat A move with a speed of 3m/s and boat Bmoves with a speed of 4m/s in the direction such that they collide after sometime. At the=0,the boats are 300m apart. The ratio of distance travelled by boatA to the distance travelled by boat B at the instant of collision is

Asked by valavanvino1011 30th August 2018, 4:18 AM
Answered by Expert
As shown in figure, let at t=0, boat-A and boat-B are 300 m apart.
Let boat-A moves with speed 3 m/s and boat-B moves with speed 4 m/s in perpendicular directions as shown in figure.
Let them collide at a point O after time t seconds. Distance travelled by A is 3t m and distance travelled by B is 4t m
Hence OA2 + OB2 = AB
 (3t)2 + (4t)2 =  25t2 = 3002  or t = 60 s
hence ratio of distances = (OA/OB) = (180/240) = 3/4
Answered by Expert 30th August 2018, 12:48 PM
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