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The reason why a pendulum moves back making and angle theta, in a car accelerating forward, is pseudo force, for an observor inside the car, ie, in non - inertial frame. What is the mathematical reason for the pendulum moving backwards at an angle theta in the moving car, for an observor in the inertial frame ie, in the ground ?

Asked by sumayiah2000 12th November 2019, 2:41 PM
Answered by Expert
The reason for pendulam in an accelerated car moving back to the observer at rest outside the car is
due to pseudo force acting in non-inertial frame of reference in addition to real force.
Obserber in inertial frame will observe the bob is moving with acceleration a which is same as acceleration of car.
In the free body diagram (FBD), he will observe only two forces, i.e., Tension T and weight mg as shown in figure.
if we resolve tension in vertical and horizontal direction, we get ,
T cosθ = mg  ..............(1)
Tsinθ = ma  ................(2)
from (1) and (2), we get tanθ = ( a / g )
Answered by Expert 13th November 2019, 9:37 AM
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