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⭕The longitudinal strain produced in two similar wires is different. on applying the same external force, which of the two has a higher value of Young's modulus of elasticity:-

1)wire in which larger strain is produced

2)wire in which larger stress is produced.

3)wire which has longer length

4)wire in which less strain is producef

↪️Check option 2 and 4 ....plzz explain  me which one is correct.. Thanks!☺️

Asked by jhajuhi19 4th July 2019, 8:16 AM
Answered by Expert
As we know young's modulus 
Y equals fraction numerator S t r e s s over denominator S t r a i n end fraction
Y equals fraction numerator begin display style F over A end style over denominator begin display style fraction numerator increment l over denominator l end fraction end style end fraction
Assuming the area of cross section of both the wire to be same 
As stress is given by Force/Area
Therefore, if same force is applied the stress produced in both the wire is equal 
and as we know Y alpha fraction numerator 1 over denominator s t r a i n end fraction
Hence the wire with lesser strain has greater value of young's modulus.
Answered by Expert 4th July 2019, 9:02 AM
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