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CBSE - X - Physics

The glass slab of thickness 2 cm is placed on printed books. Through how much distance the letters appear to be raised if refractive index of glass is 3/2

Asked by Shumit 7th March 2017, 8:40 AM
Answered by Expert


begin mathsize 12px style Hi space Shumit comma
Refractive space index space of space straight a space material space gives space the space relation space between space the space real space and space apparent space depth space of space an space object.
In space this space case space real space depth space is space 2 space cm.
So comma
straight n equals fraction numerator real space depth over denominator apparent space depth end fraction
therefore apparent space depth equals fraction numerator real space depth over denominator refractive space index end fraction equals fraction numerator 2 space cm over denominator 3 divided by 2 end fraction equals 4 over 3 space cm equals 1.33 space cm
So comma space the space letters space appear space to space be space raised space by space 0.67 space cm end style

Answered by Expert 7th March 2017, 6:10 PM

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