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The equivalent conductance of a decimolar solution of acetic acid was found to be 1.58*10^-3Sm^2eq^-1 at a given temperature. Calculate the degree of dissociation of acetic acid.

Asked by mrudulmahadev1311 21st August 2019, 12:17 PM
Answered by Expert
Equivalent conductance of acetic acid = 1.58 ×10−3  Sm2eq−1  
Molar conductance of actic acid 
equals fraction numerator Equivalent space conductance over denominator straight n end fraction
For acetic acid, n = 1
Molar conductance of actic acid = 1.58 ×10−3  Sm2eq−1  
Limiting molar conductivity for acetic acid is,
Λ =
    equals space straight capital lambda subscript CH subscript 3 COOH space end subscript space plus space straight capital lambda subscript straight H to the power of plus end subscript

equals 40.9 space plus space 349.6
equals 390.5 space straight S space cm squared space mol to the power of negative 1 end exponent
We know,
Degree of dissociation is,
straight alpha space equals straight capital lambda subscript straight c over straight capital lambda subscript infinity

space space space equals fraction numerator 1.58 cross times 10 to the power of negative 3 end exponent over denominator 390.5 end fraction
    = 4.04 ×10−6 
Answered by Expert 22nd August 2019, 2:55 PM
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