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Asked by sarveshvibrantacademy 18th May 2019, 1:10 PM
Answered by Expert
when the wire is pulled at middle to a distance a, increase in length as shown in figure = PR+RQ
PR+RQ  = begin mathsize 12px style 2 square root of L squared plus a squared end root space equals space 2 L space open parentheses 1 plus a squared over L squared close parentheses to the power of bevelled 1 half end exponent space equals space 2 L space plus space a squared over L space space space w h e n space space a over L less than less than 1 end style
hence change in length ΔL = ( a2/ L )   and strain (ΔL/2L) = ( a2 / 2 L2 ) ....................(1)
if Y is youngs modulus, then we have  Y = stress / strain  =  (T/A) / strain ...................(2)
where T is tension in wire, A is area of cross section
using eqn.(1) and (2), we get T = begin mathsize 12px style fraction numerator a squared space πr squared over denominator 2 L squared end fraction Y end style
Answered by Expert 18th May 2019, 4:03 PM
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