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CBSE - X - Physics - Electricity

sir can you explain this question

Two identical immersion heaters are to be used to heat water, in a large container. Which one of the following arrangement would heat the water faster :

(i) connecting the heaters in series with the main supply,

(ii) connecting the heaters in parallel with the main supply ? Give reasons for your answer.

Asked by seeni2005 5th May 2016, 1:08 PM
Answered by Expert


Resultant resistance in a series combination is greater than any individual resistance. Whereas the resultant resistance in a parallel combination is smaller than any individual resistance.
Since H  R; so more the resistance more will be the heat. Therefore, the resistances must be connected in series to the main supply to obtain more heat per minute.
Answered by Expert 5th May 2016, 7:52 PM

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