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Ram in his Santro accelerates at the rate of (3i^−2j^)(3i^−2j^) m/s2,m/s2, while Shyam in his Maruti accelerates at (6i^+2j^) m/s2(6i^+2j^) m/s2. They both start from rest at the origin of an xy coordinate system. After 5s.
How far apart are the


Asked by hj40274 15th May 2019, 7:37 PM
Answered by Expert
Acceleration of Ram = (3i - 2j) m/s2
Distance S travelled in t seconds is given by,  S = ut+(1/2)at2 ............(1)
where u is initial speed which is zero because car starts from rest, a is acceleration
Hence distance S travelled by Ram after 5 seconds, S = (1/2)(3i - 2j)×25 = [ (75/2)i -25j ] m ...................(2)
Acceleration of Shyam = (6i + 2j) m/s2
Distance S travelled by Shyam after 5 seconds, S = (1/2)(6i + 2j)×25 = [ 75i +25j ] m ...................(3)
Since both are started from origin, eqn(2) and eqn(3) are considered as the coordinate points of Ram and Shyam after 5 seconds.
Hence distance between Ram and Shyam after 5 seconds = begin mathsize 12px style square root of open square brackets open parentheses 75 over 2 close parentheses space minus space 75 close square brackets squared space plus space open parentheses negative 25 minus 25 close parentheses squared end root space equals space 62.5 end style m
Answered by Expert 16th May 2019, 9:42 AM
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