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Question 2

Asked by amitjena226 23rd December 2017, 12:02 AM
Answered by Expert
Viscosity of water is  0.91 centi poise at 20 C. (0.91×10-2 poise). wrong data for viscosity of water is given in the question. For the answer I am using  8×10-3 poise  for viscosity of water.
terminal velocity is given by

begin mathsize 12px style v space equals space 2 over 9 fraction numerator r squared g open parentheses rho minus sigma close parentheses over denominator eta end fraction space equals space 2 over 9 fraction numerator 10 to the power of negative 2 end exponent cross times 980 cross times open parentheses 2.7 minus 1 close parentheses over denominator 0.91 cross times 10 to the power of negative 2 end exponent end fraction equals 407 space c m divided by s end style
r is radius of sphere, ρ is density of aluminium, σ is density of water and η is viscosity of water. Hence the 4.6 m/s is the correct answer.
Answered by Expert 23rd December 2017, 12:07 PM
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Tags: viscosity
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