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Pretend yourself to be a crop yield of your nearby agricultural farm land and answer the following question:
1) List the important activities for your productivity improvement.
2) Compare the use of manure and fertilizers in improving and maintaining the soil fertility for your cultivation.

Asked by Hrishikesh marathe 13th June 2016, 5:19 PM
Answered by Expert
1.The important activities for productivity improvement include:
(a)Reducing the loss of productive farmland due to erosion, waterlogging and nutrient depletion by the methods such as drip irrigation, cropping patterns.
(b)Improving the distribution of agricultural products
(c)Retention of trees as crops to protect water and soil resources to avoid soil erosion.
(d)Raising the crop yield by introduction of pest and disease-resistant varieties of crops.
2.Advantages of Manures
  • It increases the water-holding capacity of the soil.
  • It make the soil porous which facilitates the exchange of gases.
  • It also improve the texture of the soil.

   Disadvantages of Manures

  • It is not nutrient-specific, thus it removes general deficiency of the soil.
  • It is inconvenient to transport or store the manure.

Advantages of Fertilizers

  • Fertilisers are nutrient-specific so that they can fulfil the specific requirement of nutrients.
  • They are soluble in water; thus, they are readily absorbed by plants.
  • They are easy to store, transport and apply to crops.

Disadvantages of Fertilizers

  • Fertilisers are costly and prepared in factories.
  • Overuse of artificial fertilisers may reduce the fertility of soil. The soil may become infertile over a period of time.
Answered by Expert 14th June 2016, 8:09 AM
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