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plzzzz answer my previous question properly.

Asked by vk1994 26th August 2008, 9:28 PM
Answered by Expert

It has been answered. I will send it again.

  Algae Fungi
1 Autotrophic nutrition. Heterotrophic nutrition.
2 Photosynthetic pigments present. Photosynthetic pigments absent
3 Cell wall made up of cellulose Cell wall made up of chitin and cellulose.
4 Reserve food is starch. Reserve food is glycogen.

  Thallophyta Bryophyta Pteridophyta
Plant body Undifferentiated Differentiated into stem and leaves Well differentiated into roots, stem and leaves.
Roots Absent False roots called rhizoids present True roots present
Vascular tissue Absent Absent Present.

   Angiosperms  Gymnosperms
 1  They are flowering plants.  They are non-flowering plants.
 2  Seeds are enclosed in fruits.  Seeds are naked.
 3  Double fertilization occurs here.  No double fertilization is seen in these plants.
 4  Angiosperms are further divided into monocots and dicots  Gymnosperms are further divided into Cycadae and Coniferae.

Answered by Expert 26th August 2008, 9:40 PM
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