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Please give correct solutions

Asked by ramchandrashammurthy1969 16th October 2017, 12:10 PM
Answered by Expert
Exercise 1:
What a heart-rendering story she told!
She told a heart-rendering story.
How convincingly she presented her arguments!
She presented her arguments convincingly.
If only I had heeded my parents' advice!
I wish I had paid heed to my parents' advice.
Alas! that childhood should be over soon.
It is sad that the childhood should be over soon.
How young and how brilliant!
He/She is young and brilliant.
O, that I were a bird.
I wish I were a bird.
What a pity he lost the race by a split second!
It is a great pity that he lost the race by a split second.
Execise 2:

It is a pity that so many innocent lives were lost in the accident.
What a pity that so so many innocent lives were lost in the accident!
I really wish I had not wasted my time so stupidly.
O, that I had not wasted my time so stupidly!
Mother Teresa was a very compassionate peronality.
What a compassionate personality Mother Teresa was!
She listened to my story very patiently. 
How patiently she listened to my story!
These herbs have a very pleasant aroma.
What an aroma these herbs have!
It was very generous of him to sponsor my brother's higher education.
How generous of him to sponsor my brother's higher education!
The manager handled the case very tactfully.
How tactfully the manager handled the case!

Answered by Expert 17th October 2017, 1:06 PM
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