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Please answer this

Asked by Prashant DIGHE 29th July 2019, 7:58 PM
Answered by Expert
Figure shows the light ray parallel to axis of the mirror and at a height f from the axis, where f is focal length.
Parallel ray will pass through the focal point O and another ray from object that is passing through
focal point O will become parallel on other side of axis after reflection. If the Object is at a distance >2f from mirror,
then diminished and inverted image will be formed between f and 2f.
As per the question, we need to find the ratio,  (2f-v)/f  , where v is the mirror-to-image distance
It can be seen from figure, ΔOAB and ΔOCD are similar triangle, hence,   CD/AB = (v-f)/f = mf/f =  m     .........................(1)
where m is magnification
From eqn.(1), we get,  v/f = m+1 ....................(2)
hence the ratio,  (2f-v)/f = 2 -(v/f) = 2-(m+1) = 1-m ....................(3)
Answered by Expert 2nd August 2019, 2:21 PM
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