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CBSE - X - Chemistry - Metals and Non Metals

Is carbon monoxide acidic or basic or neutral oxide? When carbon monoxide is mixed with water,what is formed? Is carbon monoxide metallic oxide or non metallic oxide? Give 2 examples of neutral oxide. What is the product formed in the reaction between Hydrochloric acid and copper?

Asked by Shubhi Gupta 11th September 2013, 7:18 PM
Answered by Expert


Carbon monoxide is a neutral oxide.
When carbon monoxide is mixed with water,formic acid is formed but it is not highly soluble.
Carbon monoxide is a non-metallic oxide.
Neutral oxides : H2O,NO,N2O
When copper is treated with hydrochloric acid, copper chloride and hydrogen gas is evolved.
 Cu + 2HCl ?CuCl2 + H2
Answered by Expert 13th September 2013, 9:44 AM

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