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im facing problems in thermodynamics could you please notify me the imp concepts of this chp and also for ionic eqiulbrium???

Asked by shaikh sameer 27th October 2013, 9:03 AM
Answered by Expert

Following are the important topics from the chapter thermodynamics, from where different questions can be asked:

  1. Statement of all the four laws of thermodynamics
  2. Definition of state function
  3. Internal energy
  4. Mathematical form of the first law of thermodynamics
  5. Enthalpy and mathematical relation between enthalpy and internal energy.
  6. Heat capacity
  7. Difference between specific heat capacity and molar heat capacity
  8. Standard enthalpy of reaction and calculation of different standard enthalpies of a reaction (like neutralisation, atomisation etc)
  9. Hess's law and its numerical application
  10. Entropy and its mathematical expression
  11. Gibb's energy and conditions for spontaneity
  12. Coupling of reactions
  13. Relation between Gibb's energy and electrode potential of a cell
  14. Relation between Gibb's energy and equilibrium constant


Following are the important topics from the chapter Equilibrium (I and II), from where different questions can be asked:

  1. Law of chemical equilibrium
  2. Derivation of relationship between Kp and Ke
  3. Le-Chatlers principle
  4. Various concepts of Acids and Bases Arrhenius, Bronsted Lowery and Lewis concept.
  5. Acid-base equilibrium
  6. Ionization of water
  7. pH scale
  8. Hydrolysis of salt
  9. pH calculation of salt solution
    10. Solubility equilibrium Solubility of sparingly soluble salts, Common ion effect, Buffer solution
Answered by Expert 28th October 2013, 11:09 AM
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