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I am planning for my classX board exams from the beginning of the session. I was not satisfied by mylast year's marks. So, I have decided to prepare for my exams from now. We have already started our class X syllabus during half-yearly exams of classIX and we have completed nearly half of it. I need some study tips and a perfect timetable . 
The subjects are:
1. Chemistry
4.History & civics
6.Physical Education
8.English Paper I
9.English paper II
 also mention the no. of hours to be studied and how to study.

Asked by mahapatramamata76 14th May 2016, 4:55 PM
Answered by Expert

Firstly, please accept our apologies for delaying the response to this question.

It is great to know that you have decided to divide your study time over a period of your entire academic year rather than rushing through at the last moment during exams.

Secondly, since this is the window for asking English queries, we would be able to provide suggestions only for English I and II. 

With regard to study tips, the following points can help you.

Revision: Set aside time to revise what has been taught in school every day.

Practice: It is important to practise math and science problems and diagrams regularly so that you get familiar with them. Things such as formulae, map study, chemical equations, flowcharts, etc, can be studied with friends with the help of interactive games during group study.

Important dates: Write down historical events on flashcards and ask your parents to quiz you on their chronological order so that you remember important dates easily.

English is divided into Language and Literature paper respectively.Practise writing forms as often as you can. Complete writing assignments diligently and get your doubts cleared from teachers from time to time.

Read more about the literature texts prescribed by visiting your school library. The more you read about the authors and the texts, the better answers you will be able to prepare for your exams. 

Avoid writing hurriedly as untidy handwriting can cause you to lose marks. The only way to do this is regular writing practice. 

Master your spellings by giving yourself regular dictation tests. 

Always keep a dictionary handy to understand meanings of hard words. This will improve your vocabulary. 

Time Table:

The number of hours that should be put into study depends on where the student stands as far as portion completion is concerned. Therefore, we recommend that you sit with your teacher or parents to understand which of the above subjects needs more study hours than the others. For example, you might want to handle the difficult subjects first or you might want to keep them for the end. 

No matter how many hours you put into study every day, do remember that a few hours of play are important for the body and the mind. Do engage in outdoor activities like cycling, swimming, playing with your friends; whichever is possible and convenient for you. 

I hope the above tips help you.

Happy Studying! 

Answered by Expert 17th May 2016, 11:16 AM
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