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how to find the state of hybridisation and geometry of a given compound when its magnetic moment is given?

Asked by vasturushi 10th November 2017, 8:25 PM
Answered by Expert
Let's take a examples,
[MnBr4 ]2- have magnetic moment 5.9 BM.
In this complex 4 Br are attached to Mn i.e. co-ordination no. of Mn is 4 therefore it can be either tetrahedral or squar planner.
But its magnetic moment is 5.9 BM that means it contains 5 unpaired electrons therefore its shape should be terahedral(sp3) rather than square planer(dsp2)
Let's take another example
[Ni(CN)4]2-   is dimagnetic (all electrons are paired up)
As it is a dimagnetic compound that means all electrons are paired  therefore its shape should be square planner (dsp2 )
In this way we can find out the geometry and shape of co-ordination compounds with the help of there magnetic moment
Answered by Expert 11th November 2017, 6:07 PM
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