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CBSE - X - Physics

How can we find the direction of magnetic field  at a point exerted by a bar magnet? (Referring to a question I just posted a few minutes back)

Asked by kumar.ashlesha 16th September 2015, 6:30 PM
Answered by Expert


Hi Ashlesha,

The direction of the magnetic field is taken to be the direction in which a north pole of the compass needle moves inside it. Therefore, it is taken by convention that the field lines emerge from the north pole and merge at the south pole. Inside the magnet, the direction of field lines is from its south pole to its north pole. Thus, the magnetic field lines are closed curves. The strength of the magnetic field is shown by the degree of closeness of the field lines. The field is stronger where the field lines are crowded. No two field lines are found to cross each other. If they did, it would mean that at the point of intersection, the compass needle would point towards two directions, which is not possible.

Answered by Expert 16th September 2015, 6:34 PM

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