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CBSE - X - Physics

Hello Sir,

What is the difference between Nuclear Fission and Nuclear Fusion?

Asked by tanishqa.rathod 9th September 2015, 6:10 PM
Answered by Expert


Hi Tanishqa,

Nuclear Fission Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear fission involves the splitting of a heavy nucleus into lighter nuclei. Nuclear fusion is the combination of two or more lighter nuclei to form a heavy nucleus.
Fission process can be controlled manner and the energy released can be used for generation of electricity. Fusion process is extremely difficult and cannot be controlled.
It is a chain process.

It is not a chain process.

It leaves behind radioactive wastes.
It does not leave any radioactive waste.

It takes place at room temperature.                                                  

It requires a very high temperature equal to 4x106 oC.
Less amount of energy is released.                                     Enormous amount of energy is released.        
Answered by Expert 9th September 2015, 6:37 PM

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