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find initial acceleration of protron

Asked by ashutosharnold1998 18th February 2020, 9:49 PM
Answered by Expert
induced emf in magnetic field region V = -dφ/dt = -d/dt ( B A ) = - A dB/dt = -A α
But potential difference between opposite peripheral point is gien by
begin mathsize 14px style V space equals space minus integral subscript negative R end subscript superscript R space E left parenthesis r right parenthesis space d r space equals space minus 2 R space E space equals space minus A alpha space space end style
Hence electric field E = Aα / (2R)
if e is charge of proton, force acting on proton F = eE  = e (Aα) / (2R)
Initial acceleration = Force / mass = e (Aα) / (2 m R)
Since electric field is +ve, force and acceleration are also in +ve direction , i.e., towards right
Answered by Expert 19th February 2020, 6:58 PM
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Tags: acceleration
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