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explain the lessons virtually true ,shade plot ,julius caeser and poem the snake,the rime of the ancient mariner,ozymandias .
also the dairy of an young girl.

Asked by sureshmalepati1967 26th February 2016, 7:19 AM
Answered by Expert

Hello Samskruthi,

You will need to read the mentioned lessons/ poems and let us know of the sections within the text that you are doubtful about. Time constraints do not allow us to spend elaborate time on explaining lessons in detail. In addition, we can provide one answer per query. Therefore, we request you to use the live chat session judiciously. 

In making an exception in your case, below are two summaries for your reference:

The  play Julius Caesar is set in February 44 BC. It begins with Caesar's entry into Rome after the victory over the sons of his rival Pompey. It is a tale of betrayal, ambition, friendship, greed, courage, and strategy.

It is one of Shakespeare's finest works and describes how Brutus, a confidant of Caesar, joins hands with other conspirators to murder him. As the play progresses, one sees that Rome's beloved king is indeed murdered and that Mark Antony, his closest friend, decides to expose Brutus. Brutus, at Caesar's funeral, has given a speech validating Caesar's murder by accusing him of being ambitious and unfit to be the emperor. However, Mark Antony's speech at the funeral not only exposes the conspirators but also brings back into the hearts of the Romans, the love for their emperor.

Important points for this play are:

1. The plot to kill Caesar

2. Calpurnia's dream

3. The scene of the murder

4. Brutus's speech

5. Mark Antony's speech

6. The theme of friendship and loyalty

Virtually True:

The short story Virtually True is a science fiction with an emotional touch. The story describes high advancements in science and technology and yet shows will and determination helps a boy save another boy's life.

Please read the story and let us know if you cannot comprehend certain parts. We will explain those gladly. 


Answered by Expert 26th February 2016, 6:13 PM
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