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  1. explain the biotic components of a forest in thecorrect order of trophic sequence

Asked by Chandrashekhar 17th August 2018, 2:13 PM
Answered by Expert

The biotic components are the living components of an ecosystem. These include animals, plants and microorganisms.



Trophic level I (Green plants)


  • They produce food through the process of photosynthesis.
  • They are regarded as self-food producers or autotrophs.
  • These include trees, bushes and grasses.

Trophic level II (Plant-eating animals/herbivores)


  • They directly eat plants or their products such as leaves, grains, fruits, grasses, seeds and flowers as their food or suck plant sap from their leaves or stems.
  • They are also known as primary consumers.
  • These include animals such as deer, rabbits, rats, pigeons, parrots, grasshoppers, bees etc.

Trophic level III (Flesh-eating animals/carnivores)

  • They capture their prey and eat it.
  • They are also known as secondary consumers.
  • These include tigers, wolves, snakes, lizards, certain birds etc.

Trophic level IV (High Order Flesh-eating animals/large carnivores)


  • They capture smaller carnivores and eat them.
  • They are also known as tertiary consumers.
  • These include peacock, eagle etc.



  • They live inside or on the body surface of another organism, called the host, and obtain their food or nourishment from the host.
  • Worms which live in the guts of animals and fleas which live on the skin of animals such as dogs are examples of parasites.



  • They live on dead and decaying plant and animal bodies.
  • They breakdown the complex organic compounds present in these dead organisms into simpler substances.
  • They are also known as microconsumers or detritivores.
  • These include certain bacteria and fungi, vultures, kites, crows, some insects etc.
Answered by Expert 20th August 2018, 12:55 PM
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