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Discuss the sources of air pollution with reference to:

  1. Automobiles
  2. Industries
  3. Burning of garbage
  4. Brick kilns
  5. Burning of fuels


Asked by Topperlearning User 7th January 2015, 9:48 AM
Answered by Expert
  1. Automobiles: Automobiles are the main source of air pollution. Some gases that are released by vehicles, locomotives and aircrafts are Carbon monoxide, unburnt hydrocarbons, Nitrogen oxides. These gases pose a serious hazard to human health.
  2. Industries: Many industries like chemical factories, paper and pulp mills, oil refineries, cement industries etc. pollute the air which is harmful to the environment.The burning of coal or heavy oil in thermal power plants results in the release of Sulphur dioxide into the air. Sulphur dioxide combines with water and forms sulphuric acid. This leads to acid rain which is hazardous to human health.
  1. Burning of garbage: When garbage is burnt, it emits Carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide, Nitrogen oxide and Particulate Matter like smoke.Due to forest fires, Nitrogen dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Since this gas is soluble in water, it combines with water and form Nitric acid which come down as acid rain.
  1. Brick kilns: Brick kilns are made for the purpose of producing finished bricks and for producing charcoal. A brick kiln is able to withstand high temperatures. It pollutes the air as burning of one kilogram of coal releases four kilograms of toxic gases like Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Sulphur dioxide and Suspended Particulate Matter.
  2. Burning of fuels: Fossil fuels are mainly burnt for the purpose of producing electricity. In India, coal is used in large quantities for the generation of electricity. As coal is burnt in the raw form, it produces gases like Carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, Nitrogen oxides, smoke and other dangerous particles. Sulphur dioxide is one of the main gases which is emitted due to the burning of coal. It causes acid rain when it combines with water. Other fossil fuels like oil and natural gas also damage our environment by producing various green house gases.
Answered by Expert 7th January 2015, 11:48 AM
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