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describe the characterstics of:
  1. thallophyta
  2. bryophyta

Asked by aninadathoorsridharan 3rd January 2015, 11:19 AM
Answered by Expert


  • Small-sized and grow in moist places.
  • Have an irregularly shaped, undifferentiated plant body called thallus.
  • Have a cell wall made of cellulose.
  • Have green pigment chlorophyll, but some may also have red or brown pigments.


  • Small, multicellular, green-coloured land plants.
  • Usually grow in damp, shady places.
  • Lack true roots, stem and leaves.
  • Plant body is either in the form of an undifferentiated thallus or in the form of leafy erect structures.
  • Do not bear flowers.
  • Plant body is attached to a substratum with hair-like projections called rhizoids.
  • A true vascular system is absent.
Answered by Expert 4th January 2016, 11:19 AM
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