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CBSE - XI Science - Chemistry

(i) Lattice energy
(ii) Entropy
(iii) Energy of atomization
(iv) Spontanetity

Asked by k.manju2007 7th September 2015, 6:36 PM
Answered by Expert


1. Lattice energy can be defined as the enthalpy of formation for ions of opposite charge in the gas phase to be changed into a solid.

2. Entropy is a thermodynamic measure of the disorder in a system. Denoted by symbol S.

3. Enthalpy of atomization is the amount of enthalpy change when a compound's bonds are broken and the component atoms are reduced to individual atoms.

4. A reaction that occurs in a given set of conditions without intervention. A spontaneous reaction proceeds to completion without any outside help. The equation for spontaneity is

ΔG = Δ H - TΔS

Answered by Expert 7th September 2015, 6:45 PM

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