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Construct a rhombus ABCD of side 4.8 cm and BCD = 135°, by using a ruler and compasses only. Indicate the point of symmetry with the letter O.


Asked by Topperlearning User 27th May 2016, 12:15 PM
Answered by Expert

Steps of Construction:

i) Draw a line segment BC = 4.8 cm

ii) With centre C and a convenient radius draw an arc to cut BC at E.

iii) Taking E, as the centre and the same radius draw an arc intersecting the previous arc at F.

iv) Mark G and H in the same manner.

v) Taking F and G as the centres  draw arcs intersecting each other at I.

vi) Taking I and H as the centres  draw arcs intersecting each other at j.

vii) Join CJ and extend further so that CD = 4.8 cm.

viii) Construct AB parallel to DC and AD parallel to BC.

ix) Join BD and AC which intersects each other at O.

x) O is the required point of symmetry and ABCD is the required rhombus

Answered by Expert 27th May 2016, 2:15 PM
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