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can you explane the structure of the earth

Asked by rakeshtripathi77 24th January 2017, 9:56 PM
Answered by Expert

The presence of air, water, soil and surface temperature makes Earth a unique planet in our solar system. From the surface inwards up to the centre, the Earth shows three major regions:

  • Core: It is the innermost and the hottest region made of iron and is in the solid form. The outer portion of the core is made of molten iron.
  • Mantle: It is the middle layer of the earth which is made of molten material and solid rocks. The red hot molten material is called magma, which when forced out of volcanoes is known as lava. The uppermost part of the mantle along with the solid uppermost crust is called the lithosphere.
  • Crust: It is the uppermost layer and supports all forms of life. The crust is made up of soil, minerals, water, air etc. Many useful substances are obtained from the earth’s crust such as coal, oil, natural gas, gems, precious stones, metals etc.
Answered by Expert 25th January 2017, 10:41 AM
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