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CBSE - XII Science - Biology

can you explain me the phenomenon of sticky ends how it actually happens Im little confused pls can you help me out.

Asked by JASKAMAL KAUR 7th September 2015, 7:00 PM
Answered by Expert


Hi Jaskamal,

  • Special sequences in DNA recognised by restriction endonucleases are called palindromic nucleotide sequences.
  • The palindromes in DNA are base pair sequences which are the same when read forward or backward from a central axis of symmetry.
  • Restriction enzymes cut the strand of DNA a little away from the centre of the palindrome sites but between the same two bases of the opposite strands. This leaves single-stranded unpaired bases at the cut ends.
  • These ends with unpaired bases are called sticky ends or cohesive ends. They form hydrogen bonds with their complementary cut counter parts.
  • The sticky ends facilitate the action of the enzyme DNA ligase.
Answered by Expert 7th September 2015, 7:03 PM

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