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Can u plz explain me the definition of COVALENT BOND??

Asked by venkat34 30th November 2015, 8:12 PM
Answered by Expert

Covalent bond: The chemical bond formed due to mutual sharing of electrons between the given pairs of atoms of non-metallic elements.

Conditions for formation of covalent compound

Ionization potential, electron affinity & electronegativity: High between both atoms or elements.

Electronegativity difference: Should be negligible between the two combining atoms.


Formation of Methane molecule – Non-polar covalent compound


Electronic configuration

Nearest noble gas

To attain stable electronic configuration of nearest noble gas


126C  [2,4]


Carbon needs four electrons to complete octet.


 11H  [1]


Hydrogen needs one electron to complete duplet.


One atom of carbon shares four electron pairs one with each of the four atoms of hydrogen.



Answered by Expert 7th December 2015, 5:52 PM
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