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  • A train starting from rest moves with a uniform acceleration of 0.2 m/s 2 for five minutes.Calculate the speed acquired and the distance travelled in this time.                      
  • From a station ‘X’ a train starts from rest and attains a speed of 54 km/h in 10 s, then with this uniform speed it moves for 8 minutes and then by applying brakes it stops at station ‘Y’ in 6 s.Find the distance between station ‘X’ and ‘Y’.
  • Draw a position-time graph and a speed-time graph for a ball thrown vertically upwardswhich comes to rest on reaching the ground.
  • If a ball hits the ground with velocity ‘v’, it bounces back up with velocity ‘v’. If sucha ball is dropped from a height ‘h’ above the ground, how high will it bounce ? Justify your answer.
  • Why does (second) 2 occurs in the unit of acceleration ?
  • A body moving with a velocity of 2 m/s acquires a velocity of 10m/s in 5s. Find its acceleration.
  • When can we say the motion of an object as uniform motion ? What can be the shape of thepath covered by a moving object to have uniform speed and uniform velocity ?

Asked by arunk.agarwal 25th May 2016, 8:43 AM
Answered by Expert
NOTE: Kindly post the other questions as separate queries.
Answered by Expert 26th May 2016, 9:56 AM
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