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a solid cylinder of mass 20kg rotates about its axis with angular speed 100rad/s. the radius of the cylinder is 0.25m. what is the K.E associated with the rotation of cylinder? what is the magnitude of the angular mometum of cyclinder about its axis?

Asked by futureisbright051101 3rd March 2018, 7:53 PM
Answered by Expert
Moment of inertia I of solid cylinder = begin mathsize 12px style M R squared over 2 space equals space 20 space cross times open parentheses 0.25 close parentheses squared over 2 space equals space 0.625 space k g m squared end style
Kinetic energy K = begin mathsize 12px style 1 half space I space omega squared space equals space 1 half cross times 0.625 cross times 100 cross times 100 space equals space 3125 space J o u l e s end style
angular momentum =begin mathsize 12px style I omega space equals space 0.625 cross times 100 space equals space 6.25 space k g m squared divided by s end style
Answered by Expert 4th March 2018, 5:12 PM
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