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A man is crossing river flowing with velocity 5m/s. He reaches a point directly across at distance of 60m in 5s. His velocity in still water should be

Asked by valavanvino1011 30th August 2018, 4:12 AM
Answered by Expert
Let us assume, the swimmer crossing the river in shortest path with minimum drift,
Let v be the swimmer's speed in still water and u be the speed of river.
time t taken to cross the river in shortest path is given by, t  begin mathsize 12px style equals space fraction numerator d over denominator square root of v squared minus u squared end root end fraction space end style.......(1)
if we substitute t =5, d=60, u=5 in eqn.(1) and solve for v, we get v = 13 m/s
Answered by Expert 31st August 2018, 12:53 PM
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Tags: velocity
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