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(a) Define simple pendulum.

(b) State two factors which determine the time period of a pendulum.

(c) Write an expression for the time period of a pendulum, stating clearly the meaning of symbols used.

Asked by Topperlearning User 4th June 2014, 1:23 PM
Answered by Expert

(a) Simple pendulum: A very heavy point mass suspended from a rigid support by a weightless and in extensible string and oscillating freely without friction about a point to which the upper end of string is fixed, constitues the simple pendulum.

(b) Factors which determine the time period:

    (i) Time period is directly proportional to the square root of the effective length.

    (ii) Time period is inversely proportional to the square root of the acceleration due to gravity.


Answered by Expert 4th June 2014, 3:23 PM
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