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CBSE - IX - Physics - Gravitation

A cord is used to lower a block of mass 'M' and moves a distance 'd' with constant acceleration 'g/4'. Calculate the work done by the cord on the block.

Asked by aarya_t 26th February 2015, 10:16 PM
Answered by Expert


When the block is lowered, it experiences an upward force T due to tension and the net force on the block in the downward direction reduces from Mg to Mg-T. Hence the acceleration 'a' becomes less than 'g'. 
Equation of motion:
Mg - T = Ma
Given, a = g/4
begin mathsize 14px style therefore end styleT=3 Mg/4
Work done by the tension,
begin mathsize 14px style straight W space equals space straight T space straight d space cos space 180 to the power of straight o space space space space equals negative 3 over 4 Mg space straight d end style
Answered by Expert 27th February 2015, 9:14 AM

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