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A car of mass"M" moving on a horizontal road starting from rest.It suddenly accelerates with an acceleration 'A'.A Bob of mass M*i is hanging from the ceilling of the car.Tell me that what would be the angle made by the bob along the horizontal direction when the car accelerates.

Asked by abhijit mukrejee 20th September 2013, 8:19 PM
Answered by Expert
When the car accelerates with acceleration a, the bob tends to move backwards due to its inertia.
If we observe from inside, that is inertial frame, then we feel that some fictitious force acts on the bob which deflects it backwards.
The forces on the bob are the tension in the string of the bob, its weight due to gravity and the force due to acceleration of the car.
The tension is resolved along vertical as well as horizontal direction.
The vertical component is balanced by the weight and the horizontal component is balanced by force ma.
This is the angle made by the bob.
Answered by Expert 24th September 2013, 2:13 PM
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