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1.what is damped oscillation . 2.define epoch. 3.give newton's formula for speed of sound and explain Laplace correction . A block of mass 12kg is supported by identical springs .when the block is pressed down it executes SHM . with the time period if 1.5 s . find force constant of each spring . if a block of mass M is placed on the block the period of SHM. changes to 3 s .find the mass of the block.

Asked by Subiya Khan 11th October 2013, 11:10 AM
Answered by Expert

1.  It is the type of oscillation in which the amplitude of the oscillating body decreases with time due to damping forces like air drag and frictional force.

Example: The oscillation of a simple pendulum in air is a damped one. The pendulum stops oscillating after some time.



An epoch refers to the displacement acquired by an oscillating body when the time is, t =0.

It is thus measured in standard length units of m or cm.




Answered by Expert 11th October 2013, 1:16 PM
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