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1. List the components of an ecosystem.

2. Define and explain the pyramid of energy.

3. Differentiate between detritivores and decomposers.

4.Draw and explain:

        1. Food Chain

        2. Food web

1. Define white and grey matter.

2.Draw a diagram of a reflex

Asked by Manasvi 20th February 2019, 3:01 PM
Answered by Expert

1. An ecosystem consists of two main components:

  • Biotic Component: living things
  • Abiotic Component: non-living things

2. A pyramid of energy is a graphical representation of energy flow within an ecosystem. The solar energy trapped by producers is converted into food energy. This trapped energy flows through the food chain from the producers to the top carnivores. As energy flows, it decreases with each trophic level, forming an upright pyramid.

3. Differences between detritivores and decomposers:



  • They consume decaying organisms.
  • They break down the dead organisms through decomposition.
  • Detritivores come in different forms- worms, millipedes, woodlice, dung flies, and slugs.
  • Most decomposers are in the forms of bacteria or fungi.
For answers to the remaining queries, we request you to post each question individually as a separate query. 
Answered by Expert 20th February 2019, 4:42 PM
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