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World Earth Day: Dedicate the day to our Planet


World Earth Day: Dedicate the day to our Planet

Read on to know the significance and origin of the World Earth Day.

By Tejal Mistry 19th Apr, 2016 12:11 pm

Earth Day is an annual event which is celebrated on 22 April to mark the importance of protecting our Mother Earth. It first commenced in 1970, and later, because of the Earth Day Network, it is now globally recognised and celebrated in more than 193 countries each year.

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Forty-six years ago, Earth Day was used as a movement which gave voice to emerging issues which were taking place in the environment because of human welfare. Even after forty-six years, we continue to keep the zeal alive to fight various environmental issues.

Significance and Origin

Gaylord Nelson, a US Senator from Wisconsin, was the one who had founded this day to make people aware about the effects of the increasing rate of industrialisation and the careless attitude of the people living on the Earth. The step was taken by him to teach people how to respect the assets of the Earth.

World Earth Day Celebration

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The governments of various countries have been taking numerous steps to promote Earth Day towards the safety of the environment. Every year, a large crowd of people get together from 141 countries to solve environmental issues by implementing a variety of useful measures through campaigns and events. Apart from this, many people perform some outdoor activities related to Earth safety such as planting new trees, picking up roadside waste material, recycling of wastes, energy conservation and more.

World Earth Day Themes

2016: ‘Trees for the Earth!’

2015: ‘Water Wonderful World’ and ‘Clean Earth: Green Earth’

2014: ‘Green Cities’

2013: ‘The Face of Climate Change’

2012: ‘Mobilize the Earth’

2011: ‘Clear the Air’

2010: ‘Reduce’

2009: ‘How Do You Get Around’

2008: ‘Trees Please’

2007: ‘Be kind to the Earth: Starting from saving resources’

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