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Will Samsung's New Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Replace Laptops?

Samsung's new Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet has the capability of bridging the gap between a laptop and a tablet computer. 
The Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 has an on-screen keyboard which is similar to laptops, and its screen is also larger than many laptops. It has business tools such as a WebEx virtual conferencing app, a one-year subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek's digital magazine and one year of Wi-Fi access on aeroplanes through Gogo.

Although the price - $750 for 32 GB and $850 for 64 GB - is way costlier than many laptops, it has an impressive line of features which one cannot resist.
Note Pro is for those who want a laptop but are not ready to carry a burden on their shoulders. Will the introduction of Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 reduce the demands of a laptop? 

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