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Why should one use NCERT books for JEE preparation?

Students tend to get worked up before JEE and go through many books that may eventually confuse them. They ignore the one set of books that they should have referred to from the very beginning—NCERT textbooks. JEE questions are mostly from NCERT books, yet many students tend to ignore NCERT textbooks altogether. Let’s discuss how these books help JEE aspirants.


  1. A lot of questions asked in entrance examinations like JEE are from NCERT books. These questions often mirror the ones that are present in the exercises of NCERT books which test whether students have understood each concept thoroughly.

  2. The chapter summary at the end of each chapter gives the key features of the entire chapter. These summary points help students get a quick overview and important examples are illustrated too.

  3. NCERT books cover the basics of all the topics. Clarity of concepts plays an important role in JEE preparation. A strong hold on the concepts makes you accurate and quick, especially in subjects that involve numerical problems.

  4. Questions in NCERT textbooks are designed to cover the syllabus of the exam. Moreover, NCERT textbooks are written in easy language so that they help everyone in class.

  5. In Chemistry, questions on organic reactions and organic conversions are directly asked from the NCERT book. So, it is important to refer to the NCERT textbook for Chemistry.

  6. In Physics, although theory is comparatively not much, the derivations and chapters like Modern Physics and Electromagnetic Induction always have theory questions from the NCERT textbook. Remember that the Class 11 NCERT portion is extremely crucial for Physics and Chemistry.


The NCERT textbooks cover most of the syllabus for JEE. For the remaining part of the JEE syllabus, you can refer to our chapter notes, previous years' question papers and video lessons. Study all three subjects—Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics—from CBSE Class 11 and CBSE Class 12 extensively.


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