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Why Problem Solving Assessment is Important?

What is PSA?

The Problem Solving Assessment test introduced by CBSE is an objective type of test where a student has to answer multiple choice questions. The main objective of the PSA test is to help students get an idea of various competitive exams. There are about 60 questions which students have to solve in 90 minutes. There is no specific syllabus for PSA. It is based on three important domains:

1. Quantitative Reasoning

2. Qualitative Reasoning

3. Language Convention

Quantitative Reasoning tests your reasoning based on Science and Mathematics. Qualitative reasoning tests your reasoning based on Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences. Language Convention focuses on written communication.


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Why is PSA Important?

The aim of PSA is to test creative thinking, decision making and communication skills in students.  It is not an exam based on a particular subject; in fact, it requires that students apply their understanding on various concepts in the best possible manner.

Encourages Thinking out of the Box: PSA enables students to think out of the box and be creative. It is basically a test to analyse how students apply their minds in different problems. The test trains students to think creatively and strengthen their decision-making power. 

Gives Importance to Understanding over Mugging: Since PSA does not have a syllabus and it is based on what you understand from your syllabus, it is indeed giving importance to the fact that students should understand what they learn.

Logic is Important: PSA is all about testing your analytical and reasoning skills. It is all about strengthening your mental abilities. All you need to do is apply some logic in the questions. Understand your concepts better and use common sense to answer your questions.

Communication Skills: The third domain of Language Convention is for testing the communication skills of students.

Future Growth: Problem solving skills, effective communication skills, decision making and analytical skills are required in higher studies and career growth. Therefore, PSA is in a way training you to be a good professional.

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