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Vidya-Daan: An initiative by CBSE to boost rural education


Vidya-Daan: An initiative by CBSE to boost rural education

CBSE launches a new platform Vidya-Daan which will benefit students in rural India

By Admin 18th Sep, 2019 01:13 pm

CBSE has announced the launch of a new programme Vidya-Daan. As part of this programme, teachers from schools in the metro cities will provide or donate quality e-content to schools in the villages. The academic content on the Vidya-Daan platform can be accessed and used by rural teachers at no cost.


The vision

The Vidya-Daan platform has been created with a vision to provide teachers with multiple types of resources to help them in teaching. It will contain educational content and resources such as lesson plans, explanation and experiential content, question banks, marking scheme rubrics for Class 10 etc. These will enable teachers to understand the learning objectives of a lesson and to plan the flow of their class accordingly. Teachers, parents and students can access the Vidya-Daan platform through the DIKSHA app, which provides multiple types of resources to aid in learning.


A larger good

While CBSE had initially curated e-content from some CBSE schools according to the NCERT syllabus, several CBSE schools have already provided study resources to CBSE as Vidya-Daan for the larger good of school education in India. However, more and varied e-content can always benefit young learners. So, schools are encouraged to contribute e-content which will help students understand concepts better.


About donating

There is a way about donating educational content to the Vidya-Daan platform though. Schools are requested to donate content to this e-platform by contacting their respective CBSE Centres of Excellence. All e-content donations will be accepted only through the Principal or Head of the school. (A detailed circular will be issued by CBSE shortly.) Besides donating e-content, teachers can share best practices to make learning easier too. CBSE will acknowledge all accepted educational content by providing content donors appropriate recognition.


In short, the Vidya-Daan programme will enable teaching and learning for Class 6 to 10 in line with CBSE’s ethos of making education competency-based. It will make learning a personalised experience for students in addition to promoting their critical thinking, creativity and effective study skills. Importantly, CBSE believes that the Vidya-Daan programme will enrich and improve educational content and will benefit the entire nation.

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