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Unconventional Career Choices for You

If you’re one who thinks far ahead of professions such as engineer, doctor, teacher or lawyer, then you’re in the right time zone. If conventional careers aren’t your cup of tea, then it’s not the end of the world. Now is the time when unconventional things are welcomed with great élan! All you need to be is talented enough to do what you want to.

Let’s look at some unconventional and prospering careers!

Cyber Lawyer

In an era where the Internet has become an integral part of our lives, we need to be sure of our safety in cyberspace. Cyber crimes are increasing with every passing day. Thus, there’s a dire need of cyber lawyers to help us keep our Internet transactions safe and secure. Cyber Law represents all the legal technicalities related to the Internet. You need to be well aware of technology and laws related to the Internet to be a cyber lawyer. So, if you think this is your area of interest. Go for it!

Skills Required: You need to be a graduate in law. You can then go for a specialisation in Cyber Law. You can work as a cyber consultant, research assistant or cyber advisor in a law firm. The opportunities in the cyber field are tremendous.


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Food Explorer

A food explorer is an ideal career for those who live for flavours and aromas. You need to taste those scrumptious delicacies and write a detailed review on them. Sounds interesting? Every foodie will love a job like this!

Skills Required: Although there are no specialised courses available for food explorers, you need to have sharp taste buds to discover the hidden and deep flavours of food. Also, you should be creative enough to pen down a splendid review of the variety of treats which you try daily. So, when writing and food are your passion, you indeed have the potential to become a food explorer.

Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacking is done to test our IT systems and keep them safe from loopholes. An ethical hacker is a professional who hacks an IT system to find malfunctions and protect it from malicious hackers. The hacking is called ‘ethical’ because it’s done to enhance the performance of the system with the permission of the particular organisation.

Skills Required: Ethical Hacking has become an integral part of the IT industry. Today, every IT company needs ethical hackers. Thus, the opportunities are many. You need to be well-versed with programming languages. There are various specialised courses available for Ethical Hacking. However, you need to be an IT graduate or IT professional to further pursue your dreams of being an ethical hacker.

Jewellery Designer

India has a huge market for jewellery, and with the entry of big organisations, jewellery is no more a possession. Today, people don’t wear jewellery to show financial security, it’s more about style and status now! People focus on sophisticated designs when it comes to jewellery, so, there arises the need for jewellery designers.

Skills Required: There are many diploma courses available in Jewellery Designing. After completion of your course, you can gain practical experience by doing an internship with a jewellery firm. An internship will help you understand the aesthetics and technicalities involved in Jewellery Designing.


A chocolatier is a person who can blend chocolates with different ingredients and mould them into artistic designs.  Being a chocolatier is more of an art than a profession. You need to be artistic enough to mould chocolate into fine art which is appealing to the eyes and a treat to the taste buds.

Skills Required:  You need to get a degree in Bakery and Pastry Arts. Apart from the degree, culinary experience is a must. Make sure you have good culinary skills to pursue this career.

Marine Biologist

Marine Biology is all about studying marine life.  Marine biologists invest their time in collecting data about plant and animal species which is then analysed in laboratories. If you have a keen interest in marine life, then a career in Marine Biology can be most apt for you.

Skills Required: For entry-level positions, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in Biology. There are courses available in Marine Biology as well. A master’s degree or PhD will help you grow further in the field.

Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife Photography requires great passion and patience. A person who loves being surrounded by wildlife can easily qualify to be a wildlife photographer. However, the life of a wildlife photographer isn’t easy; you need great passion and hard work to get that perfect shot.

Skills Required: There are a variety of photography courses available. You can go for a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in photography to enhance your photography skills. Also, photography is an art and it gets better with experience. You can also opt for an internship by working under renowned wildlife photographers.


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