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Tricks to Increase your Memory


Tricks to Increase your Memory

Human memory is very complicated, complex and has its own quirky ways of functioning. It is usually termed unreliable because we tend to forget things

By Rohit Gaikwad 14th Jul, 2016 01:03 pm

Human memory is very complicated, complex and has its own quirky ways of functioning. It is usually termed unreliable because we tend to forget things. Even when we think we remember everything accurately, chances are things have gotten twisted along the way. Also, success in studies is due to motivation, proper time management and good study habits. Study tricks only work if you take the desired efforts. This means that if you want to score good marks, you must be willing to set aside time to study and to do your homework. You may have to sacrifice fun at times. However, believe it or not, you can spend less time studying if you do the right things. The below mentioned tricks will help you increase your memory:

1)Acronyms A word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a phrase or series of words and pronounced as a separate word.

When you make a word from the first letter of each word to be memorised. Here are some examples:

  • AIDSAcquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  • BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation

2)    Acrostics: Acrostics are phases or poems in which the first letter of each word or line functions as a cue to help you recall the words you want to remember.
Example: Spelling out ‘School’

  • RowS of desks
  • TeaChers explain
  • Pencils sHarpened
  • Going Over the facts
  • Writing pOems and essays
  • The belL rings, finally 

3)    Narrative: Making up a story with a list of words throughout the narrative helps with memorising. 

Don Quixote by Cervantes is a parody of Romance narratives that dealt with the adventures of a valiant knight. Unlike serious Romances, in Don Quixote, the narrative takes a comical turn. We laugh at how Quixote was bestowed knighthood in his battle with the giants [windmills]. We enjoy how the knight helps the Christian king against the army of a Moorish monarch [herd of sheep]. These and the rest of the incidents of the novel are written in the style of Spanish romances of the 16th century to mock the idealism of knights in contemporary romances.

4)    Rhymes: Correspondence of sound between words or the endings of words, especially when these are used at the ends of lines of poetry.

  • Bright and Night
  • Would and Hood
  • Pause and Laws  

5)    Imagery:  To use figurative language to represent objects, actions and ideas in a way that it appeals to our physical senses. 

The image here helps you to understand different human senses:

                                                                        Image source:

6)    Visualisation: It is a simple mental rehearsal. You create images in your mind of you having or doing whatever it is you want. You repeat these images over and over again. 


Image source: 

7)    Flash Cards: A flash card deck is a set of cards bearing information, as words or numbers, on one or both sides.


 Image source :

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