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Top 8 Reasons Why NCERT Solutions Are Enough for NEET


Top 8 Reasons Why NCERT Solutions Are Enough for NEET

NCERT Solutions : Right Study Material for NEET

By Admin 06th Aug, 2018 03:57 pm

So, you are preparing for NEET 2019? The first step to succeed is to begin early. Since lakhs of students appear for NEET every year, it takes dogged determination to crack the exam. What matters next, is your choice of academic resource. Which books should you rely on? And why?

Choosing the right study material for NEET is as important as it is confusing. If you are a student of CBSE, you are already following NCERT solutions as a part of school curriculum. If you are taking tuition classes to aid your NEET preparation, then you are being handed chunks of notes there too. Also, any authentic website on NEET will give you a list of books for further reading.

So, just what should you do? The wisest thing is to begin with something familiar. Something that you have to read unavoidably. Something like starting your NEET preparation with NCERT textbook solution. But, will that be enough? You may be wondering.  Let’s put you at ease.

Here are Top 8 reasons that justifies why NCERT solutions are enough for NEET Preparation.

Endorsed by CBSE – The CBSE curriculum is entirely based on NCERT solutions. Until now, CBSE was the exam body for NEET. So, it was easy to connect the dots, and say that NCERT solution is the best way to go about NEET preparation. Even though, the exam body has changed to NTA from NEET 2019 onward, there has been no official announcement about changes in syllabus or question pattern. So, you can fall back on NCERT for NEET like several others before you.

Part of school curriculum – As mentioned earlier, though not for all, NCERT solutions are already a part of school curriculum for CBSE Class 11 and CBSE class 12. Since you have to study it anyway, you might as well study it inch by inch and give a head start to your NEET preparation much before you start taking tuitions.

Conceptually profound – This is the most important reason why NCERT textbook solutions are your ‘go-to guy’ for NEET preparation. In NEET, students are required to answer MCQs, and to do so students must have conceptual clarity. Only if you break down concepts to the last miniscule, can you answer objective questions quickly and correctly. NCERT solutions are widely popular among students and teachers for their conceptual clarity. So, you can safely rely on them.

Apt Illustrations – And here comes the best part: In NCERT solutions, not only are the concepts vividly explained but also adequately illustrated with graphs, tables and diagrams. This promotes visual learning and enhances memory. Thanks to the apt illustrations, students grasp the concept at a deeper level and retain it longer. What more could you ask for, especially when you have so much studies to cope with before the NEET exams.

Proper topic segmentation – In NCERT solutions, there is a hierarchy of topics that promote systematic and step by step learning. Some of the best explained topics (and the most relevant from exam perspective) in NCERT books include: Equilibrium, Optics, Evolution, Ecology and Periodic Characteristics. Due to the methodical approach and quality content of NCERT solutions, it is considered to be a grade-saver and time-saver.   

Strengthens your foundation – If you want to build a rock solid conceptual foundation and score high in NEET, NCERT textbook solutions are all you need! Spend time with your NCERT solutions, take them on vacations, sleep with them underneath your head, and you will crack NEET like it’s a cakewalk. If it is so simple, then how come so many people fail to crack NEET every year? You will amazed to know that how many failures could have been altered just by reading NCERT solutions cover to cover.

Easy to grasp language – The simple language used throughout the NCERT solutions makes learning easy, especially when you are studying complex, scientific concepts!

Everything at one place – When it comes to Biology, NCERT solutions are indispensable. Almost around 80 questions are directly linked to the solutions. For Chemistry too, you can rely on NCERT for theoretical questions of Inorganic Chemistry (Hybridization, Alkali Metals, and Coordination Compounds). Extra focus should also be given to the chapters like Chemistry in Everyday Life, Environment related questions and Biomolecules. For Physics, sallow the concepts in NCERT and practice as many numerical as you can from each chapter.

To sum it up, NCERT covers up majority of the syllabus for NEET exams. For the remaining, you can bank on your tuition notes, previous year question papers, question banks and mock tests. But if you minutely study NCERT Physics, Chemistry and Biology solutions of both for CBSE Class 11 and CBSE class 12, you can rest assured that most of your preparation has been taken care of, and you are good to go.

Should still have some time left and want to secure your chances of cracking NEET further; here is a list of books recommended by our NEET experts: 

Ncert solutions for NEET Preparation



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