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Top 10 Questions in Maths ICSE Class 10 Exam - 2020


Top 10 Questions in Maths ICSE Class 10 Exam - 2020

Check top 10 important maths questions and answers that will help you plan your study and revision in ICSE Class 10 Maths exam - 2020

By Topperlearning Expert 26th Feb, 2020 03:27 pm

The ICSE Class 10 Board Exam is around the corner, and it is time to revise all the important topics in Maths. Maths is an important subject, and we insist that you get more practice in the subject. During the ICSE exam, the Maths question paper will be divided into two sections—A and B. All the questions in Section A will be compulsory, but Section B will have multiple optional questions.

Our academic experts go through multiple papers and have a rough idea regarding the important questions. Based on their research and expertise, they have chalked out the topmost important questions for ICSE Class 10 Maths.


Important Questions & Answers ICSE Class 10 Board Exam 2020 : Maths


1. Using a graph paper, plot the points A (3, 5) and B (0, 5). 

i. Reflect A and B in the origin to get the images A’ and B’

ii. Write the co-ordinates of A’ and B’

iii. State the geometrical name for the figure ABA’B’

iv. Find its perimeter



Choose the co-ordinate axes as shown in the graph paper.

Take 1 cm = 1 unit on both axes.


Plot the points A (3, 5) and B (0, 5) on the graph paper.

i. Reflect the points A and B in the origin onto the points A’ and B’, respectively.

ii. The co-ordinates of these points are A’ (-3, -5) and B’ (0, -5).

iii. ABA’B’ is a parallelogram.


2. A is a dealer in Meerut, UP. He supplies goods/services worth Rs. 15,000 to a dealer B in Ratlam, MP. Dealer B, in turn, supplies the same goods/services to dealer C in Jabalpur, MP, at a profit of Rs. 3000. If the rate of tax under the GST system is 18%, find  

i. Cost of goods/services to dealer C in Jabalpur

ii. Net tax payable by dealer B


3. Solve the inequation and represent the solution set on the number line.




6.  A model of a ship is made to a scale 1:300.                                                                              

i. The length of the model of the ship is 2 m. Calculate the length of the ship.

ii. The area of the deck of the ship is 180,000 m2. Calculate the area of the deck of the model.

iii. The volume of the model is 6.5 m3. Calculate the volume of the ship.



10. From the given frequency distribution table, find the following using a graph:            

i. Lower quartile  

ii. Upper quartile

iii. Inter-quartile range


Class interval















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9. A vertical pole and a vertical tower are at the same ground level. From the top of the pole, the angle of elevation at the top of the tower is and the angle of depression of the foot of the tower is. Find the height of the pole if the height of the tower is 100 m.

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