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To-do List for Sure Shot Success in your Exams

We all want to score good marks in the exams, but seldom do we realise that it’s some of our silly mistakes which prevent us from getting good marks. If you keep in mind the following pointers, you’ll be able to succeed with good marks in your exams.

Need for Speed: The need for speed is really important in the exams. Slow and steady won’t always win the race and especially not in the examination hall where you need to answer a few questions in a given amount of time. As students, we end up struggling to finish the paper only because we fail to maintain a constant speed. The first thing is to maintain a speed which allows you to finish the paper on time.

Vedic Math: It’ll be really helpful if you learnt some Vedic Math tricks. Vedic Math can help us solve complex problems in simple ways. It saves our time and makes learning easy. So, go ahead and learn some Vedic Math tricks.

Learn to Understand: Exams are a way to test your knowledge. The basic aim of exams is to help you learn and understand concepts. Students end up mugging things just to get good marks. Don’t just prepare from the marks point of view; understand what you learn.

Keep in Mind the Marking Scheme: Be smart when you’re preparing for your exams. See the marking scheme. Every chapter has a fixed amount of marks. Give more time to chapters which carry the highest marks. This will help you plan your studies smartly.

Concentrate: Understanding has a lot to do with concentration. You’ll understand only if you concentrate on what you’re learning. Stay away from everything which distracts you while studying.

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