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Tips to Overcome Your Shyness

Holistic Learning and Development

Tips to Overcome Your Shyness

By Admin 08th Apr, 2014 06:59 pm

Shyness does not necessarily mean that you are an introvert. Despite being an outgoing person, you may be shy before strangers. There can be many reasons for being shy; however, you can easily overcome shyness. Let us see how...



Analyse the root cause of your shyness

Sometimes, people think a lot about themselves and their conduct in public. Thus, they become extra conscious about themselves, this makes them feel shy. Instead of thinking about yourself, think about others and observe how they conduct themselves.


People are also worried about what others think of them

One should be clear that howsoever hard you try to impress others, they will still talk about you. You cannot stop certain things. So, why worry about it. Maintain a carefree attitude and go ahead.


Make a list of the things that make you feel shy

If you are shy in conversing with people, you can practice conversing with yourself or with your close friend.


Be confident in the things you do

If you lack confidence, people will make you feel low. Try to derive positivity out of everything you do.


Do not compare yourself with others

We all have been made differently and everybody has a unique quality. You may be good at certain things, so concentrate on your strong qualities and enhance them. Doing something you are good at will make you a confident person.


Stay well informed

It is very important to be well aware of what is happening around the world. This way, you not only initiate a conversation but also impress people with your knowledge.

Pratibha Yadav

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