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Tips to Manage your Anger

Holistic Learning and Development

Tips to Manage your Anger

Venting out your anger isn’t a sensible thing to do. All you need to do is look for ways to cool down.

By Pratibha Yadav 02nd Jun, 2015 01:08 pm

Are you one who gets angry in a jiffy? We know managing anger can be difficult at times; so, here we bring you some easy tips to manage your anger in a better way.

Don’t Snap

 Venting out your anger isn’t a sensible thing to do. All you need to do is look for ways to cool down. Don’t just snap at your friends or family. It isn’t a good thing to do.

Think before you Act          



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It’s important to think before you act, especially when you’re angry. Anger makes you say things which you don’t even mean. It’s better to think than regret later. 

Fight with a Smile

Smiling in your difficult situations can really make things easy. Just smile at people who make you angry or irritate you.  It’s one of the best reactions you can stick to. 

Take Breaks

Academic and peer pressure can lead to a lot of stress. Make sure you take breaks while you’re studying to avoid stress. Stress can eventually lead to anger and irritation. 

Avoid People who Bring out the Worst in you

Avoid people who try to ridicule you or bring out the worst in you. 


Exercising keeps your body fit. A fit body is home to a peaceful mind. If you have a peaceful mind, anger will stay away from you. 

Make Peace

Try to search for the reasons which make you angry, and then make peace with those reasons. Think positively of those situations or reasons to stay happy. Most things will get sorted if you analyse situations positively.


Watch comedy shows to release your tension. Be happy and laugh more. This will ease out the tension from your life and make you a happier person.

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