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Tips to do well in exams


Tips to do well in exams

Apart from preparing for exams. we need to keep certain important factors in mind.

By Admin 12th Feb, 2014 06:44 pm
Do you end up performing bad in your exams, despite preparing systematically. Well, apart from preparing for exams, we need to keep certain important factors in mind. Here, we list some important tips to do well in exams:
Tips to do well in exams

  • Don't panic, as it will make the situation worse. Revise your notes on the night before the exam and in the morning.
  • Make your own reviewer. Write your keywords in every topic and use different colors of ink for easy recognition. When you create your reviewer, use all the resources you have available. Make sure to personalize it so you can enjoy it! 
  • Eat a healthy. Healthy food will give you the required energy to prepare for your exams.
  • Start your preprations well in advance, don't wait until a week before the test to start. You gain less by studying at the last minute.
  • Make your study notes at least two weeks before the exam. This allows you plenty of time to revise and practice sample papers.
Solve previous year exam papers. It will help you revise better.
  • Avoid taking stress, all it will do is hinder your exam preparations.
  • Adopt creative methods of memorizing related information using numbers, acronyms, mnemonic poems, wild stories and outlandish mental pictures to truly bring the material alive in a virtually unforgettable way.

  • Have a balance in life, exams are simply a quick and lazy way to assess people. Don't panic, just study.

  • Develop a positive attitude towards exams. If you are well prepared you'll walk into the exam room thinking "WOW! I can't wait to prove myself to these examiners, I'm gonna Ace this test, just to show them." Negative attitude: "Oooh, I'm so nervous. I hate exams; what's the point? I really don't feel up to this".

  • Ever heard this? "Good luck with your exam!" This is false hope, you shouldn't need a pint of luck to help you succeed, and if you DO need good luck, then you obviously haven't prepared enough.
  • During the exam, avoid blanks. Try as hard as you can to make an intelligent guess. Take the closest answer but remember not to take too much of your time answering one item. Go back and review your answers after you finish the exam, if you still have time.

  • Don't waste valuable opportunities to better yourself by being lazy!

  • Always have a positive attitude. Prepare for the worst and expect the best!

  • Be relentlessly confident in yourself and your abilities!

  • Mind your diet and don't drink alcohol.

  • Avoid visiting any social-networking sites! It can be done.
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